Foods and Services

 When the above aesthetic ecstasies get aligned with the luxuries of 24/a day kitchen, which is manned by a crew of culinary experts and stocked by the best of ingredients to satisfy all your taste buds, the picture comes to perfection.

Our chef will tease your taste buds with fish fries, meat and the world famous Karimeen (Carp-like fish) fry and curry. Of course, there will be plenty of fluids like juices , extracts, squashes and bunches of tender coconuts to quench your thirst in regular intervals.  

Our kitchen crew sports, up in their sleeve, a very rare culinary skill which perfectly blends all the impulses of your taste buds and the ingredients of a traditional food culture.  They platter out oodles of Indian, Chinese and Continental recipes together with lots of traditional cuisine top ups, all prepared in an impeccably hygienic ultra-modern kitchen. Needless to say mineral water will also be provided all the way.   

Our Chef specifications

-excellent sense of smell and taste
-math skill
-good with details
-good teamwork abilities
-organizational skills

Attention to Detail
Cooking is a science, so our chef needs to be precise. Every ingredient and measurement must be exact. Chefs have to be precise in others ways as well: whether ordering food products or figuring out what time to cook certain items, a chef needs to have an eye for detail.

Our Chefs knows how to keep the kitchen sanitary. This is very important in a kitchen, where unsanitary conditions can affect the quality of the food.

Working in the food industry requires creativity. Our chefs are open to incorporating new food items into menus and improving older recipes. Creativity and imagination keep customers coming back to a restaurant. Our chefs have the efficient ability to cook, as well as knowledge of the kitchen. This broad skill includes a variety of smaller skills, including knife skills and tasting skills. They also specialize in customized food preparations , especially sea food , Chinese , South/North Indian food , Jain food etc..

The Chefs oversee the kitchen staff and direct the preparation of all food. They also entail allocating serving sizes, ordering food and/or supplies and assigning work schedules.  He helps to create and approve menu items and daily specials. 

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