What it offers :

It’s rich with three full-fledged, air-conditioned bedrooms, embellished to pep up sensory riches of the choosiest of holiday makers. Attached are the other attractions. It has the most elaborate-facade of all encompassing spectacles, a majestically laid out six-seated living area and sundeck which offer eyefuls of excitement.

The Housing :

Nalukettu is a traditional Kerala homestead with a quadrangle or ‘Courtyard’ in the centre. This enclosed but open-air Ankanam and and its shady verandas keep it cool even during the cruelest of Aprils. The interiors are tastefully decorated with a wealth of handcrafts and artifact made from teak and mahogany.  The aesthetics of this ‘Nalukettu on waters’ are further underlined by its flat-domed roofing. The most intricate and artistically hand-plaited palm leaf roofing keeps Venice Castle a cut above the rest. It’s a re-creation marvel made to offer nothing but God’s own Comforts to you.

The Hull :

The hull of Venice Castle is carved out virgin Anjili; ‘Wild Jack’ in English and botanically, Arto Carpus Hirsutus .Thatchusaastra, the science of carpentry, has been strictly followed while transplanting this gens-old Nalukettu atop this hull.

Here You Go :

Carved out elephant-footed pillars, film finished floors, blemish-free beams ,hand-finished railings, slanting rafts that assemble up-squares, aesthetically rolled out chaarupadi and the attic ceiling, which stays like serenity suspended, together make Venice castle the Numero Uno in the tourism industry.

The BED on the ripple :

Just repose, and take a cursory look around .When the summer clouds keep you pampered with a visual treat, the gentle backwater breeze ripples past your indulgences to hum a rare accompaniment of sensuous rhythms.

The personal space atop : (toilet)

Our glamour room on the top is furnished with the most sophisticated of imported hind wares and fitments. It is your sheer personal space for a cool or hot shower, or for an inward cleansing

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